T- shirts: The first 50 people to register online (and make a payment) for Sasquatch Open #9 will receive one of our new t-shirts! There will be a limited supply available and our t-shirts are always a hit! Register TODAY to get yours!

Big Foot division: In addition to our regular gi and no gi divisions, we are excited to announce the return of the “Big Foot” division for Sasquatch Open #9! This is open to ALL ranks and competitors. It is a submission only, ten-minute time limit, open weight, gi only division. If you don’t win, you don’t advance. It’s that simple. You may compete with the gi, or without, the choice is yours. This is commonly known as an “Absolute” division, but in the “Sasquatch Open” world, it is called the “Big Foot” division!

Lock-Ness division (INVITATION ONLY): As always, we will be having our “Lock-Ness” division, featuring the “Best of the Midwest”, which is an invitation only, no time limit, submission only division. The winner will take home $500! Competitors must wear a gi! You may apply now, by sending your credentials to: