Sasquatch Open Grappling Tournament Rules

Takedown- 2 POINTS. Takedown must be initiated. If opponent pulls guard before takedown is initiated, the takedown will NOT be counted.
Sweep from the Guard- 2 POINTS.
Knee on Stomach- 2 POINTS.
Guard Pass to Side Mount- 3 POINTS.
Mount or Rear Mount Position- 4 POINTS.

All positions must be held for a minimum of 3 seconds to score points.

Submissions allowed in all divisions, except for lower body submissions. Lower body submission are NOT allowed in the “1 year and under” divisions. Please be considerate when applying submissions. Safety is an important issue to us.

Tapping out can be done verbally or through a physical tap. Generally a “tap” is considered 3 taps in succession. However, as competitor safety is our main concern, the ref will use his/her discretion to determine a “tap”.

A match can also be ended by the following:
Doctor stoppage
No Contest

Fighters are not allowed to grab and use their opponents t-shirt (rash guard, etc.) while applying submission techniques. They MAY grab shorts, or pants. Please do not “pull” on clothing however.

Wrestling/Martial Arts shoes are allowed in No-Gi division only.

If a match is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a no time limit final period, in which the winner will be the first competitor that scores a point.

Intentional use of an illegal technique or act of poor sportsmanship will result in the immediate ejection of that competitor/spectators.

These are NOT allowed:
1) Attacks to the front of the windpipe, eyes, or groin. No pushing palm or elbow directly into nose.
2) Striking of any kind including: headbutts, punches, elbows, knees, kicks, etc.
3) Slamming from the guard position.
4) Biting, pulling hair, pinching.
5) Small joint manipulation.
6) Interference by a corner with any official or fighter.
7) Swearing.
8) Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Breaking these rules, will result in a penalty, AND/OR immediate disqualification.

Time Limits:
Beginner Division: 3 minutes.
Intermediate Division: 4 minutes.
Advanced Division: 5 minutes.

Tie match at the end of regulation: First point scored-no time limit.

Beginner- 1 year and under.
Intermediate- 1 to 3 years.
Advanced- 3 years or more.

During the Match:
If there is stalling on the ground, the referee has the right to restart the match standing (warn fighters first). However, it is our goal that the competitors will be aggressively trying to win, and we will attempt to keep the restarts to a minimum.

If the competitors go off the mat, or an out of bounds area, the match can/will be stopped by the referee and the competitors will be moved to the middle of the mat in the same position, or a neutral position.

The referee has the right to stop time and check the condition of the fighters.

Injury Time:
Each competitor will be allowed 5 minutes of total injury time. Restart position will be based on referee discretion.